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The Top 20 Largest Life Insurance Companies in USA

CompanyMarket share in 2019Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence; market share based on 2019 direct ordinary individual life insurance premiums
1.  Northwestern Mutual                         10.3%
2.  New York Life                                      7.0%
3.  MassMutual                                         6.4%
4.  Lincoln Financial                                 5.6%
5.  Prudential                                            5.3%
6.  John Hancock                                      3.4%
7.  State Farm                                           3.4%
8.  Transamerica                                       3.2%
9.  Guardian                                              3.1%
10. MetLife                                                3.0%
11. Pacific Life                                          2.6%
12. American International Group (AIG)2.4%
13. Equitable Holdings (AXA)                 2.1%
14. Protective Life                                    1.8%
15. Primerica                                             1.7%
16. Brighthouse Financial                        1.6%
17. Nationwide                                         1.6%
18. Securian                                              1.4%
19. Sammons (Midland National Life Insurance Co. and North American Co. for Life and           Health Insurance)                              1.4%
20. Voya Financial                                    1.4%
New York Life
New York Life Insurance Company has more than 5% of the U.S. life insurance market. Apart from its life insurance business, New York Life also sells long-term care insurance, annuities, and mutual funds, and operates a growing investment management business.
New York Life is a mutual insurance company and is not publicly traded. It reported $2.3 billion in operating earnings for 2018, a record high. The company also announced a dividend payout of $1.78 billion for 2018, a 36% increase since 2012. 
Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU) is a publicly-traded financial services conglomerate offering insurance products, annuities, mutual funds, investment management services, and other products. The company operates in 43 countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia.
Prudential’s life insurance business has a market share of about 5%. The company’s worldwide consolidated revenue was more than $63 billion in 2018, up from $59 billion in 2017. 
Lincoln National
Lincoln National Corp. (NYSE: LNC) is a financial services company offering life insurance products, long-term care insurance products, annuities, and retirement plan services. It does not operate outside the U.S. The company and its subsidiaries are marketed to consumers under the Lincoln Financial Group brand.
Lincoln National reported $764 million in written life insurance premiums versus $798 million in the previous year. That gives the company about a 4% share of the total.
Lincoln’s net income for 2018 amounted to $1.64 billion, down 21% from $2.1 billion the year before. 
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, known as MassMutual, is the sixth-biggest life insurer in the U.S. and the third mutual company on his list. In 2018, the company posted a net loss, instead of net income, of $716 million, versus income of $137 million in the previous year. MassMutual’s market share is a bit under 4%.
John Hancock
John Hancock Financial has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian insurance giant, Manulife Financial Corp. (NYSE: MFC) since 2004. In addition to life insurance policies, the company offers long-term care insurance policies, mutual funds, retirement plans, and college savings plans. It has been headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, for 150 years.
John Hancock holds about 3% of the U.S. market for life insurance. 
While Transamerica Corporation was established in San Francisco in 1930, it has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dutch life insurance company, Aegon N.V, since 1999. In addition to life insurance products, Transamerica offers long-term care insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and pension plans.
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